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''Don't lose your fire'' Roaring Flame Bracelet

''Don't lose your fire'' Roaring Flame Bracelet

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#Don't lose your fire#

“You must have your heart on fire and your brain on ice.”

The design of this bracelet is inspired by the flame, as we all know, flame symbolizes passion and energy which can encourage us full of power and positive energy. This flame bracelet will bring more energy into your life.

Size: Adjustable bracelet size- one size fits all
Package: 1 x Roaring Flame Bracelet
Material: Stainless Steel

Our jewelries will ensure a very long lasting brilliant finish that is nic free, lead free and hypoallergenic.

-About Stoopelf-
Stoopelf was dedicated in making the unique and inspiring jewelry in the last years and it is relentless in efforts of becoming an iconic brand. We have rich experience in making the creative jewelry for our customers and we believe we can do more in the future to lead the fashion trend. In Stoopelf, every one deserves their own piece of jewelry for daily wearing, shining throughout their life.

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